Interview Elke: creating social media profile photos with the right Body Language

For many, leaving their day job to pursue their passion as a photographer is only a distant dream, but for Elke Spinnewyn, a 31 year old project manager, this dream has become a reality. Elke spent the last 10 years working in web development and regularly had to work with bad quality portraits for her clients [...]

Interview with Sean Martin – male body language

Photographing the Male form with Sean Martin. With the advent of Boudoir photography, there has been a lot of discussion on how to make women look sexy and attractive, but what about men? To find out, I met up with Sean Martin who specialises in the male form here in Switzerland. Sean's fascination for human behavior and expression started early on [...]

Interview with Lou Freeman: Glamour Photography

Glamour is in my view the trickiest area of portrait photography. Glamour - in my view - is the trickiest area of portrait photography. There is a very very fine line to walk to hit that "glamour" feeling and not fall into either awkwardness or vulgarity... and Lou Freeman is a master at hitting the [...]

GMB Akash Interview: Connecting the world through emotion

Most Body Language is universal For a long time, people believed that body language was learned through imitation, but research over that last 50 years demonstrated that a large part of our body language is in fact encoded in us and is mostly universal. One example comes from research by Jessica Tracy and David Matsumoto. When [...]

Wedding Photography Body Language: with Ben Chrisman

The importance of connection When I met Ben Chrisman in 2009, I was still studying photography and the focus of my training until that week had mainly been on the technical aspects of photography, but not what creates a strong portrait. […]

Eyebrow expressions – Taking the high brow: with Eleni Eyebrows

Time for a little brow love. Eyebrow expressions are one of our main emotion indicators.   Taking nothing else into consideration, we can tell a lot about how a person is feeling just by looking at their eyebrow expressions. Take a quick look at the drawings below. Can you tell how they are feeling? [...]

The body language of Genocide: with Kristian Skeie

Your body tells your life story We've discussed previously that our body language says a lot about us and that within a split second we make a snap judgement about a person, even before they've said a word. Our posture, our expressions, our general energy, all add up to create this first impression, and a lot of these [...]

First impressions from photos: with Vanessa Van Edwards

Why is a first impression from photos really important? With the growing use of social media in our business and personal interactions, our first impressions happen more and more through our online profile pictures. In less than a second our profile pictures leave a persistent first impression. Did you know that: in less than [...]

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