Body Language: a super power for photographers

It’s uncomfortable to be in front of a camera lens …

… and for good reason: we feel naked and vulnerable.

As photographers, this presents us with a big challenge because the slightest tension is visible in the final image.

It’s hard to “be yourself” when your body want to run away.

Asking someone to say cheese, relax or to act natural just makes things worse … so what can we do instead?

Using the power of body language and nonverbal communication allows us photographers to help our clients relax and connect with us subconsciously.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to:

  • use nonverbal communication to coach your subjects using their natural instincts
  • create an environment conducive to trust and connection
  • improve your client relationships

If you’re a professional photographer looking for a new angle, or an enthusiast looking to understand posing better, this workshop is for you!

Danielle Libine
Danielle LibineProfessional photographer and body language coach
Author of the book A Photographer’s Guide to Body Language, body language coach and professional photographer for 10 years, Dee Libine has developed an approach to shooting and client relationships which is based on research in nonverbal communication.

The results are fast and impressive. Relaxed clients + natural poses = more authentic and connected pictures.

Body Language for Photographers Workshop

Help your clients relax and connect with the lens.
They will love you for it!

No more awkward poses, strained expressions and fake smiles.

By understanding body language and applying our posing technique, you’ll know exactly how to:

  • help your customers quickly relax in front of a camera
  • coach them into natural looking and flattering poses
  • help them achieve relaxed and sincere expressions

No need to memorize poses anymore.

By understanding the psychology of movement, you will be able to create your own poses in your own style.

Next workshop

29 Octobre

Rouge Rose Studio – Echandens

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What you will learn

Body Language

and why it's important for photographers

Body Language Basics

What it is, how it works and why it’s important for us photographers.

Poses & Coaching

A challenge for the portrait artist

Poses & Coaching

Learn how to help your client pose in a natural way and relax using non verbal communication techniques.

Framing and Angles

will impact the viewer instinctively

Framing and shooting angles

Lean how and why your shooting angles and framing choices are going to impact the final image and it’s interpretation.

Beyond the shoot

non verbal communication and your business

Beyond the shoot

How to use body language to improve client relations and have super simple sales conversations.

For who?

This workshop is for professional photographers and enthusiasts.

The course focuses entirely on communication techniques. There will be no technical photographic instruction during the workshop.


During the first hour we will discover how:

  • images speak directly to our instinctive brain through gestures and expressions
  • to use this information during our shootings and interactions with our customers.

We will end with a Q&A session


After a short demonstration of how I practice this approach in my studio, each participant will spend some time with a “client” to become familiar with the approach.

During the practice time, you will be coached individually by Dee.

Upcoming dates

29 October 2016

Studio Rouge Rose – Echandens

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Past dates

17 May 2016Heroic Public Speaking – Philadelphia

29 March 2016Déclic Photography Club – Lausanne

6 Sept 2015: Philip Morris International Photography Club


A captivating presentation with real-life, practical knowledge you know you’ll use in your next portrait shoot to better your pictures.
Again thank you for this wonderful instruction on the use of body language to better prepare the images that we will shoot. It was super interesting, really :)
Anthony, Photographe amateur
A huge thank you again for last night at Déclic, it was really exciting!
Arnaud, Photographe amateur

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