The Art of Posing Rangefinder magazine discusses the basics of Body Language.

Have you ever wondered what a pose actually is?

Why one pose conveys power, another sweetness?

Why the slightest shift can impact the mood of the image dramatically?

A few months back I met up with the fabulastic team over at Rangefinder to discuss this exact topic.

We talked about Micro expressions, Fronting & Pivoting, Mirroring and Negative Body Language, and how they all help photographers with the art of posing.

Curious to learn more? Head on over to the Rangefinder Online blog to find out how Body Language can help you with your posing too!

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In the article you’re going to learn:

  • how Micro expressions reveal emotions in your portraits
  • to engage the eyes and why Peter Hurley’s squinch technique is so powerful
  • why and when people turn or tilt their heads (and bodies) and what this means in your pictures
  • how to identify and avoid negative body language in your pictures
  • to help your clients relax and pose with the mirroring technique

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