A Photographer’s Guide to Body Language

The secret weapon for easy posing, stronger portraits, improved client relationships and increased sales.

  • Posing becomes super easy when you understand body language
  • Learn how to engineer emotions in every portrait

  • Increase your income by coaching body language during your sessions
  • Have stress free sales conversations
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What you will learn

What’s inside a Photographer’s Guide to Body Language?

The information in this book is divided into four sections which look at both practical and theoretical aspects of body language uniquely tailored to the Portrait Photographer.

  1. What is body language, and why is it so important for portrait photographers.
  2. Understand why creating a positive experience is key to creating better portraits, and learn how to achieve it.
  3. A detailed review of Body Language cues and micro expressions.
  4. How to pull it all together and apply it in practice and during your sales conversations.

Supported by illustrative photos and based on the latest research, this book is a must read for any serious portrait photographer.

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I know It’s a big statement!

… and lots of people make BIG statements, but I want to prove to you that this is not just another empty promise…
understanding Body Language is a vital skill you can’t ignore if you’re a photographer.


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Why you need it?

Everyone agrees: Body Language is really important when it comes to portrait photography,
but no one explained why or how to use it… until now.

What makes this book unique?

There are a lot of very good books about body language and many that offer advice on how to run your photography business, but none who mix the two. 

This book is tailored to photographers allowing you to learn only the body language cues that are important to still photography, and as a certified body language trainer, I also show you how to use your own body language to boost your photography business.

Based on the latest science and years of research, and trial and error, everything in this book has been tried and tested in my studio with high success rates, and I know it can do that for you too.

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What they are saying…

A few words from Professional photographers and editors about a photographer’s guide to body language.

The power of this book is in the range of physical vocabulary it brings to photographers and their clients that can both put everyone at ease and bring out the right image for the job. This book will help anyone, pro photographer or otherwise get closer to the results they need and with ease.
Mark Bowden, Truth Plane
What I learnt is going to help me with my investigative photojournalist work, and I will be recommending it to my students.
Danielle mixes her great expertise with her body language certification along with her many years of shooting experience. This book is not only good for the professional photographer but also for any aspiring free lancers who would like to make their business and portraits work. Happy clients = happy portraits. A good read and learning experience for anyone.
Danielle Libine’s book fills a gap in the existing very rich technical photography guides. She writes a short but very clever little book with many useful tips to make better and accurate portraits and how your own body language can create a better working relationship with your client.
Eveline Lienhard, Photo Editor - 24 Heures
Although the target market for Dee’s book is photographers, I gleaned tons of useful information about how to hold my chin to disguise the ole’ chicken neck, how to show confidence and power without crossing my arms in front of my delicate innards, and what to do with my hands, which, believe me, I’ve always found a mystery.
Ann Sheybani, annsheybani.com
Everything in the book is useful. This is a perfectly practical guide to one of the most difficult aspects of portrait photography – the client’s connection with the camera, with tips and tricks that will make your next photo shoot shine. I’ve found that, as the photographer, I’m more confident on my side of the camera thanks to my new-found knowledge and this confidence transmits to the client’s resulting pictures.
This book was instrumental in helping me understand why I continuously got good, but not great, portraits. (…) I applied some of the techniques and very quickly noticed an improved experience in how my subjects interacted with the camera; more natural to say the last.
Amazon reviewer

About the Author

Danielle (Dee) Libine is on a mission to help portrait photographers worldwide understand body language to create stronger portraits and help them boost their businesses.

A professional portrait photographer and a certified body language trainer with Science of People, Dee has developed techniques to harness the power of body language to create a unique experience for her clients, and to get the results they want from their portraiture.

Dee has run her studio deelee.photo in several countries with a wide variety of clients. Before turning to photography and business coaching full time, she was a financial analyst with a Fortune 500 company, then worked as a financial systems consultant. A Swiss, Canadian and British national, she speaks English and French and has lived in Switzerland, Poland, and Hong Kong.